We are confident that everyone has faced the problem of scattered things throughout their apartment or house. It's a familiar feeling when the disorder in the wardrobe is not letting you be at peace and you can't find your favorite t-shirt among the rest of your clothes. It's not about the ability to maintain order with your things, but about the wrong approach to organizing storage. It's time to think about the quality organization of the clothing area in your home.

Wardrobe is not a luxury, it's just a necessity

The ideal solution in such a case is a walk-in closet. The common misconception that a walk-in closet is only suitable for apartments with a large area is erroneous. Thanks to quality planning of living space arrangement, the placement of a walk-in closet can be optimized in a room of any size.

As time is the most valuable resource today, a wardrobe allows you to save time on getting ready and cleaning up. It's a practical way to maintain order and keep your belongings organized. If you decide to create such a zone in your home, you not only tidy up your clothes and accessories, but also optimize the space by reducing the number of furniture such as dressers, cabinets, hangers, etc.

Your ideal home storage system.

When arranging a wardrobe, it is worth using:
  • Mirrors: portable, tabletop or floor-standing.

  • Rods and pantographs - for storing long items (dresses, coats) and functional mechanisms for placement at the desired level.

  • Pull-out hangers are convenient for storing and hanging skirts and pants.

  • Shelves with a pull-out mechanism for storing suitcases, usually attached to the ceiling.

  • Accessory hangers exclusively for small items. They can be circular, hanging, or pull-out.

  • Closed drawers for storing underwear, socks, accessories.

  • Pull-out modular shoe drawers, taking into account seasonal footwear.

  • Spacious sections for storing household appliances.

In case of a larger-sized wardrobe room, the ideal solution would be to relocate the washing machine, dryer, and ironing board. This way, the well-equipped space can solve all issues. We recommend adding a small sofa or ottoman to create a pleasant resting atmosphere between fittings.

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