The cost of renovating an apartment is of interest to every buyer today. It is no secret that renovation takes a significant portion of the apartment's overall cost, making it an important and requires detailed calculation. Therefore, the cost of renovating an apartment is a crucial and strategic question in planning the budget for purchasing a home.

The quickest and easiest way to avoid any trouble with renovating a newly built apartment/house is to purchase a property that already has a completed renovation.

However, it's worth remembering several risks when purchasing a property with a finished renovation:
1. Forget about individual design solutions.
2. It's impossible to control the quality of materials and work performed.
3. Inability to change or refuse any aspects of the placement of built-in appliances, furniture, or even materials.
Of course, these are not all the reasons, and they are not global, as there is always a solution to any situation, it all depends on the price of the issue we are actually talking about.

However, there are several positive aspects when buying a property with pre-installed renovation:
1. Immediate occupancy. You get a living space that requires no additional expenses, especially in terms of time: move-in ready.
2. Clear savings on the cost of renovations.
3. You know who is responsible for executing the renovation work.
4. The developer takes responsibility for overseeing all phases of the apartment renovation.
5. Ready-made solution for rental purposes.

If you calculate the cost of apartment renovation correctly, it will allow you to create a dream home within your desires and possibilities, and most importantly, it will fit your lifestyle

Stages of renovation works:
  • Installation of electrical wiring

  • Plumbing works

  • Installation of electrical wiring

  • Plumbing work

  • Tiling in the bathroom, toilet, and kitchen

  • Installation of flooring - parquet, laminate, followed by installation of baseboards

  • Starting and finishing putty

  • Painting/wallpapering the walls

  • Ceiling puttying and painting

  • Installation of plumbing fixtures

  • Installation of sockets, lamps, wall sconces, light fixtures

Statistics show that customization of housing according to individual preferences can account for 30% to 50% of the total cost of the apartment

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