At first glance, bathroom design is a simple task, but at the same time it is important and extremely complex. It seems like a standard set, but minor mistakes can significantly affect the final result. A bathroom is a difficult room to design and renovate, because it has a lot of communications, high humidity and not much space. Therefore, quite often during renovation work, minor errors in calculations turn into big problems.

Little things are big problems

In order for the bathroom renovation to be stress-free and the final result to be stylish and ergonomic, you need to think through every detail. We will help you to avoid the most common mistakes when arranging a bathroom. You need to carefully select tiles, install a bathtub, arrange a place for drying and storing various things.

What mistakes should be avoided when renovating a bathroom?
  • Tiles. Very often, the misalignment of tiles and joints between the joints can ruin the entire bathroom interior. You should also make sure that the tiles match the colour and texture of the walls and floor.

  • Plumbing. The mismatch of plumbing and faucets has a catastrophic effect on the appearance of the bathroom.

  • Moisture resistance. The highest level of humidity in this room requires that all luminaires and materials are moisture resistant, it is primarily a matter of safety and practicality.

  • Purchase of sanitary ware. The main rule of bathroom arrangement 1 is to buy plumbing before the start of repair work. The fact is that wall finishing work adds up to 3 centimetres to the walls, which should be taken into account to prevent unpleasant incidents.

  • Installation. My favourite moment, when the final of the whole process is approaching, you need to pay attention to how the bathtub is installed, how high the sink is, whether the drainage siphons are installed correctly, whether water drips, and the reliability of fastening to the mirror and other furniture.

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