Minimalism invaded us so unexpectedly in almost every sphere of life, of course, it did not miss the interior. It is worth starting a little with the history of this direction, which originated in Japanese culture, which became the basis for modern minimalism. The idea of decorating an apartment in the style of minimalism is a choice of restrained simplicity and reliability. Actually, minimalism began to enter the culture in the post-war period of the last century, which became the ground for abandoning excesses, and a message for functionality.

Minimalism in the interior is characterized by restraint, geometric shapes and a combination of basic colors

Who is suitable for an apartment in the style of minimalism? Renovating in this style is usually characteristic of people who like balance, not overloading with details, appreciate maximum space and functionality in everything. Rejection of excess is their order and lifestyle. Also, minimalism successfully emphasizes personality thanks to correctly placed accents, with the help of color or decor.

The advantage of minimalism is a guarantee of harmony and peace in the home. This is an interior of peace and relaxation.

Planning the renovation of an apartment in the style of minimalism involves:
  • Maximum open space as a basis for planning where design is created. When planning the design of the project, it is very important to avoid massive partitions and pay attention to the smooth transition between different zones and rooms in the room.

  • Push back complex multi-level constructions of partitions, ceiling or floor. The advantage of simple geometry in forms, basicity and an atmosphere of calm.

  • Natural light fills the apartment. Modern large windows are a key element that provides enough light. Actually, window decoration is a harmonious addition to this style.

  • The typical layout of apartments today can be adapted to the style of minimalism by combining rooms to avoid a clear division.

  • Built-in furniture. It is necessary to provide a place for built-in furniture that forms the basis for free space. Niches come in handy for decorating cabinets, pantries, etc.

Minimalism style in different areas of the apartment:

  • Living room: simple furniture with geometric shapes, a compact glass coffee table, hidden ceiling lighting, built-in TV stand.

  • Kitchen: symmetry in arrangement, glossy surfaces, hidden furniture, functional places for storing dishes and necessary appliances.

  • Bedroom: soft bed with a minimalist bedside table, built-in wardrobe. The color scheme is calm and bright, minor decor elements.

  • Bathroom: a combination of a basic tone with white, sanitary ware with strict lines, a bathtub or a shower depends on the area of the room.

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