The word "renovation" evokes an amazing range of emotions. Yes, we think everyone remembers the pleasant feeling of a completed repair and tremors from constant unforeseen circumstances. However, let's face it, few people have managed to avoid plunging into the world of repairing their own apartment. Own housing should correspond to your lifestyle, tastes and preferences, so renovation is a part of you that you create for more than one year. We can't keep silent about the fact that renovation is always stressful, a whole carnival of events that turns your life upside down for more than one week. Remember that not everything is so critical, because every process that is properly organized will reduce negative factors to a minimum, and the result will meet expectations.

Repair is not scary when you choose professionals.

Nevertheless, it is possible to survive during the repair, if you prepare for it competently and in advance. No matter how hard it is, dust, construction debris, and noise are things that cannot be avoided. Therefore, remove all furniture from the rooms where repairs are planned, the construction film cannot protect the furniture completely from damage or dust.

A room in which a minimum of household items simplifies the repair process for repair crews. The turnkey repair service is a reliable way to save your time and money, because you get the desired result in a certain period. All the pains of repair are transferred to a team of people who know how to do the work qualitatively and without unnecessary problems. The experience and responsibility of our team guarantees the execution of the project at a high level, which provides the appropriate emotions of delight.

Detailed planning taking into account the smallest nuances.

Well, so that the repair does not last forever and you are able to survive, catch the tips that will come in handy:
  • Determine which interior style appeals to you or contact a designer who will advise you.

  • Detailed drawings of the premises where repair work will be carried out will simplify your work and structure its sequence.

  • Consider the placement of furniture in each room.

  • Choose the points where the sockets will be placed according to the planning of the location of the equipment.

  • Determine where chandeliers and additional lighting will be most organic, because light has the maximum effect on the atmosphere of the room in general.

  • Determine the zones of your home in order to decorate them according to their purpose.

Entrusting the matter to specialists is to avoid unnecessary trouble, costs and nerves.

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